Can Cats Eat Pineapple? Side Effects, Guidelines & More

Can cats eat pineapple? Cat parents all over the world are asking this question.  

Petting a cat is like raising a child, so the parent is always anxious about the meal plan of their kitten. It is an exhausting job to ensure a healthy diet plan for your fur babies and make them eat those nutritious foods accordingly.

So, don’t worry! We know well that you care for your cat and we are to help you with that.

In this article, we’ll provide you with the answers to all the questions you have regarding your kitty eating pineapples. 

We’ll let you know whether your cat can eat pineapple or not. If yes, how will the cat benefit from eating pineapples? And finally, we’ll also drop some tips for feeding your cat healthy foods along with answering some frequently asked questions. 

Can Cats Eat Pineapple?

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What is pineapple? 

Pineapple is a tropical fruit, it grows in warm places. It has a mixed taste of sweet and sour with a hint of saltiness. But once properly ripened, pineapples taste totally sweet.

Pineapples have thorny skin. Inside that hard skin, they have soft and sweet flesh.

There is an interesting fact about pineapples. A pineapple is not a single fruit. It is the unit of many berries that surround the core. 

Where to find pineapple? 

As we have already mentioned, pineapple is a tropical fruit. This information indicates the places where pineapples grow. 

Latin America and West Africa are the regions where pineapples grow naturally. Costa Rica grows most of the pineapples in the world. All these regions have a warm and dry climate around there that is suitable for growing pineapples. 

This fruit is native to Latin America and West Africa, but they grow well in other warm regions like the Indian subcontinent too.

It’s still okay because if you don’t belong to a country that grows pineapples- you can still be able to buy some from the super shops to feed your beloved kitten. Fruit sellers tend to collect and store this delicious fruit in their shops. 

Calorie count and nutrition of pineapple for cats

Pineapple has a medium amount of calories. 

Every 100 grams of raw pineapples contain 50 calories and most of it is carbohydrates. 

The reason why many cat parents feed their cats pineapples is that this fruit has a crazy amount of nutritional value.

Let’s take a look at the nutrition facts it has to offer-


Pineapples contain a good amount of carbs; every 100 g of this fruit contains 13 g of carbs. Like any other mammal, cats too need carbs to produce energy inside their body. 


This tropical fruit has 0.5 g of protein in every 100 g of it. Though the amount is not high at all, cats are always eating proteins anyway. So it will be fine! 


We bet you don’t want your cat to hurt its muscles because they are always jumping and running. Potassium is the mineral that would strengthen your cat’s muscles. Pineapples contain a large amount of potassium- 109 mg per 100 g! 


Cats are very lively and active animals. Their bone structure is naturally strong. But as their age increases, cats’ bones start to get weaker. So, calcium is a mineral that can strengthen your cat’s bones. Pineapple has some calcium that could help.

Vitamin B

Pineapples have the type of vitamin B which they address as folate. It is an important nutrient for mammals. Folates help the immune system, nervous system, and overall health condition of a mammal better. Your cats need this too!

Vitamin C

This vitamin builds up the immune system in every mammal. The same goes for cats. Ensuring that your cat gets vitamin C regularly can keep it healthy. Pineapple is a great source of this vitamin. 

We guess that the discussion on nutrients in pineapples has made you understand why this fruit is safe, and at the same time helpful for your cat.

Can cats eat pineapple? 

To put the answer simply, yes. 

Pineapple is a popular fruit that people eat as snacks, some people (those on a diet) eat those as meals too.

Can cats eat pineapple- this is a question that shows how much a cat parent cares. Learning about the safety of pineapples in cat meals can help you.

Now, cats love fish. They love meat too. But eating just proteins for every meal is not a good way to get your cat a balanced and healthy diet. Plus, regular cat foods do not have all the essential nutrition facts. Vitamins and minerals seem not to be present in regular cat foods. 

Pineapples can easily be a great snack option for cats. Mostly because they do not contain fats, and because of the nutrition facts they contain can easily fulfill the need for all sorts of nutrients. 

Many tend to have a misconception that cats do not eat any veg items, and it is bad for their health. But hey! Have you never seen a cat eating grass?

Veg items are completely safe for cats, and pineapples, on top of that, have some extra benefits to your cat’s health as well. They often eat grass or leaves to digest food. 

Is pineapple safe for cats?

Pineapple is both safe as well as helpful for cats. 

This fruit has many nutritional facts, and it does not have harmful toxins. That’s why these two facts are enough to prove that pineapple is safe for cats.

Plus, cats often eat grass or other veg items to keep their stomach free from trouble. 

Pineapple too can help with that. This fruit is safe for cats, and can help a cat’s health in many ways!

Pineapple in cat foods

Another proof that pineapple is safe for cats is that many cat foods out there use pineapple as an ingredient. 

If this fruit was unsafe for cats, they would not make cat foods out of it, right? 

Fruits are great ingredients for cat foods because only fish or meat can not provide every nutrition fact that a cat’s body needs.

Pineapple is one of the most nutritious and balanced fruits out there. This is why many cat food companies use pineapple as a primary ingredient for making cat foods.

These readymade foods are quite good for your cat too!

Can cats eat canned pineapple? 

A big-time No.

Pineapple itself is a healthy option, but sugar is harmful to a cat’s health. 

Canned pineapples contain sugar, and this extra sugar is not good for cats.

Eating more sugar causes cats to fall sick, they get diarrhea and vomiting, and these can become fatal. 

So, if you want your cat to stay healthy and risk-free, you should always avoid feeding them canned pineapple. 

Benefits of feeding pineapple to cats

The discussion about the nutrition values of pineapples has already made us realize that this fruit has a lot of benefits for cats.

They have a good amount of calories and some super good nutrients, things that help any living organ stay healthy.

Surely pineapples have so many health benefits for your fur baby, and what’s even better is- it helps change some bad habits too.

Let’s take a look at all those benefits pineapples provide to your cat.

Pineapples help cats digest foods

If your cat gets stomach trouble- it probably means it either ate something with toxins, or it has trouble digesting food. 

For the first case, you need to feed everything carefully and check out what the cat is eating. 

But if it’s the second cause, pineapples can help faster! 

This tropical fruit has vitamin B, vitamin C, and some antioxidants that are helpful for the digestion process. 

Feeding a little number of pineapples to your cat can relieve its stomach aches and keep it healthier. 

Though cats themselves eat grass whenever they have stomach issues, it is not always possible given your home might be far from the ground or your residence might not have any grass nearby. Pineapples can be a good substitute for grass for cats.

Pineapples keep cat’s fur fine

Every time a cat gets a health issue, its fur starts to shred. 

Cats are furry, soft, and adorable. But once those furs start to shred- it’s not adorable anymore!

Changing shampoo for your cat can help. But the most effective way to fix these shredding troubles is to fix it from the inside because you should not bathe your cat very often. Cats catching a cold often become deadly. 

Pineapples contain vitamin C and antioxidants that are helpful for fur.

Intaking those antioxidants and Vitamin C can repair those cute furs and stop them from falling. 

Pineapples keep your cat hydrated

82% of a pineapple is water. A common problem with cats is that they do not want to drink a decent amount of water.

This could cause health issues for your cat. Especially if you fail to keep your fur baby hydrated during summer, it might lead to dehydration or heat strokes and the cat might fall ill. 

Pineapples are great for keeping your cat hydrated. Feeding a small number of pineapples besides making them drink water keeps them well hydrated.

Pineapple increases the immunity of cats

Every year, countless cats over the world die due to some illnesses. 

Especially when it’s winter, they catch the flu, and even adult cats die when the illness gets serious.  

To prevent some of these diseases, you’ll need to vaccinate your cat. But, vaccinating is not always enough to prevent your cat from catching a cold. 

You need to boost up your kitty’s immune system as well.

Pineapples have a massive amount of vitamin C. This vitamin builds up and boosts up the immune system in any mammal. 

To boost up your cat’s immune system, you should feed them some pineapples. 

After all, it is better to prevent those diseases before the cat gets ill. 

Probable risks & side effects of pineapple for cats

Even though pineapples have many amazing health benefits, it still has one possible health risk for your cat. 

That is, if your cat eats more pineapples than required, it might cause diarrhea and your cat might fall sick. 

So make sure that you don’t overfeed your fur baby this fruit. 

How much pineapple is safe for my cat?

We have mentioned earlier that overeating pineapples might cause your kitty diarrhea; hence, you need to know the limit.

A few berries of a pineapple, preferably 2 to 3 berries one day would be safe for an adult cat. For kittens, only one berry is enough.

You can feed your cat pineapple every day if you want to, that’s not a problem. But do keep the amount in the account, please!

Do not feed them more than the limited amount of pineapple berries a day if you care for them. It could cause trouble. 

How do I feed my cat pineapples? 

Cats love to imitate their parents. They try to eat anything that their human parents eat. So, you don’t need to make a big fuss to make them eat fruit.

But, cats can not detect sweet taste as they don’t have that taste bud. So it is possible that once they try pineapple, they will not like it anymore and will never want to eat it again.

In that case, there are some ways to make your cat eat pineapple, you only need to make some tasty treats using this fruit.

As you would feed your cat pineapples only as snacks, it does not require you to make a lot of treats. Also, remember that overconsumption of pineapples might cause cat diarrhea, so it is safe to feed only a little amount. 

Let’s see what treats you could make to feed your cat.

Fresh raw pineapple 

This is not something we would label as a creative snack idea.

But it is still worth a try. You can make many kinds of snacks using pineapple, but you should try feeding your cat fresh, raw pineapple first.

Get a pineapple, remove the hard skin, and cut the soft flesh into pieces. Give those fresh pieces to your cat to see if it eats that. This is most likely to become a success on the first try because if the cat watches you eating fruit, they will eat it too.

But it might not work the second time as they might not like the taste- they don’t have taste buds for sweet taste remember? Still, then, it’s fine. We have some other ideas.

Pineapple with yogurt

Cats love yogurt. And this dairy product is healthy too.

You can mix sliced pineapples in yogurt, the cat will most probably love it.

And in this way, you could make them eat a fruit that contains a great amount of vitamin C. Sounds great, right? 

As it has some dairy products, this treat will have a good amount of calcium too!

Pineapple ice-cream

This ice cream is so refreshing during summertime when it’s hot outside.

You’ll need to blend the pieces of a pineapple to make juice. After that, place it in an ice tray. 

Once the juice is frozen and has become ice cream, you can give that to your cat.

They would love it, and the ice cream would make them feel refreshed. 

Cat foods containing pineapple 

If either of the ideas does not work, we have something ready-made. 

There are a lot of cat foods in the shops that contain pineapples. 

You can simply buy some of those. Though we would recommend feeding your cat organic pineapples as it has the most nutrition. And processed foods are not as good as organic ones.

But if it’s the only option, you can feed processed cat foods to your cat as well. And these foods are not that bad either.

When you started to read this article, you had no clue whether pineapples are good for your cat or not. And by the time you have finished reading it, we hope that you found your answer. Guess you also got some additional information that would help you raise a cat.

Can cats eat pineapples? Yes. You now know the answer.

If you have any further questions, feel free to write them down in the comment box. And for any health issue regarding your cat, please do contact a vet firsthand. 

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