Foods That Increase Size: Height, Muscle, Penis, Breast, Hip

Foods that increase size are natural stimulators. It is now a common question among health-conscious people.

In the world of health and wellness, there are many discussions about what people should do to improve their bodies. Some people focus on increasing their muscle mass, while others try to lose weight.

Are you looking to increase your size in any way possible? You’re not alone! A lot of people are looking for ways to enlarge their body height, penis, breast, or hip size. While there are some surgeries or pills that can help with this, there are also a lot of foods that can help as well.

This blog post will discuss a few specific foods that increase size in body height, muscle size, penis size, hips size, and breast size. While none of these foods will work overnight, you should see a noticeable difference if you eat them consistently over time.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Foods that increase size: Height, muscle, penis, breast, hip

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Foods that increase size

Everyone wants to get a perfect and healthy body. And everyone wants to look beautiful as well.

There are certain body parts that make one more attractive only if they increase in size. 

Big breasts, big hips, and for men big penis- these are some particular body parts that people like more when they are bigger. 

In modern days there are steroids that can increase these parts’ size very fast. But this is a risky process. Because, steroid treatments are expensive, risky, and a long-term process. 

In addition, even the smallest mistake in this process can cost you your health. 

This is why natural ways to make body size bigger by consuming healthy food is the best way to stay attractive and healthy. 

Body size depends on carbohydrates, proteins, and sex hormones. If you can ensure the intake of carbs and proteins and the release of those hormones- your body parts will increase naturally. 

You just need to know about the foods that increase size of body parts.

Is it possible to grow your body parts by eating foods?

Body parts usually grow naturally with the release of growth hormones. It is a natural process that happens during a person’s childhood and adolescence. 

Once you become an adult, the natural growth usually stops. Hence, many people use steroids to grow body parts. But, many foods can stimulate growth by releasing growth hormones. 

The real way to increase your size

If you ask me what is the real way to increase your size? The answer is, that it depends on which part of your body you are asking about. If you are asking about only body height and muscle then my opinion is your diet and exercise can increase it.

So, we can easily say that it is possible to grow your body parts by eating foods. 

Foods that increase height 

Height is an amazing feature of any human being. Both men and women want to get taller. Because it makes them look more attractive. 

Not only this but also many professions- for example military, police, model, air hostess, etc require good height. This is why many people are looking for ways to get taller naturally. One of the most effective natural ways to get taller is by consuming some food that increases height.

In the next sections, we will discuss foods that increase height naturally.



They are veg proteins. There are many kinds of beans out there. Such as green beans, red beans, kidney beans, legumes, etc. 

One thing is for sure, beans have a high amount of protein. Apart from this high amount of protein, beans contain a massive amount of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, and many kinds of minerals as well. And, vitamin E and some minerals help release the growth hormones inside the human body. 

Hence, consuming beans regularly might help you grow taller. 

Leafy vegetables 


Green vegetables are good for your health and growth. 

There is one thing that many people do not know. Many people believe that once you reach adolescence, you will not grow taller anymore. 

But in reality, a human can grow taller until the age of 25. And some foods can stimulate growth naturally. 

Leafy vegetables are one of them. Spinach and all other green leafy vegetables contain a good amount of minerals. Manganese, zinc, potassium, copper, and chlorine are those minerals that help release growth hormones and make a person tall. 

Additionally, leafy vegetables contain a good amount of Vitamin B and Vitamin K as well. Hence, not only they can increase your height, but also they will keep you in good shape and good health as well.



Do you know that the showbiz stars and models have yogurt in their regular diet plans? 

This is not only to keep a good figure but also to maintain good height. Clearly, yogurt is an amazing dairy product. 

It is rich in proteins, calcium, and zinc. And, calcium is a mineral that can help your growth in height by shaping the structure of your bones. 

Hence, it is a better height-increasing stimulator than most other things. Doesn’t it sound fun?



Well, this one thing it’s something probably everyone knows. Meat is the biggest source of protein. Apart from a good amount of protein, meat also contains a big amount of minerals including iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and potassium. 

And, we have already told you that these minerals can stimulate growth in height. 

Hence, eating meat regularly can increase your height too! As long as you eat fat-free meat it will keep you tall and fit.

Sweet potato 

Sweet potato 
Sweet potato 

We think this one comes as a surprise. Because carbohydrate is a good nutrient that helps the growth in height. But, carbs help the growth only during childhood and adolescence. After that, this nutrient does not help in the growth of height very much. 

It then focuses on increasing weight and increasing the size of different body parts rather than making you taller. 

But sweet potato is an exceptional carbohydrate that can stimulate the growth of your height as well. Because sweet potatoes contain a big amount of all those necessary minerals that are responsible for stimulating the growth in height. 

Thus, it is a sweet way to increase your height naturally.

Foods that increase muscle size

Many people make a mistake by using steroids to increase muscle. Because steroids can temporarily increase your muscle, but once you stop taking them or if you make the slightest mistake with your prescription- it might become a boomerang for you. And you might face all the side effects of steroids. 

Hence, increasing muscle naturally is the best deal. Many foods can increase your muscle naturally and with much less effort. 

We are going to discuss all those foods that can increase your muscle naturally

Red meat

The main nutrient that helps increase muscle is protein. And, red meat contains an insane amount of protein. 

Not only the proteins but also red meat contains many minerals that can help you release the testosterone hormone. And that particular hormone can increase muscles faster. 

This is why you can see that bodybuilders around the world have red meat in almost every meal they eat.

Protein shake 

Every bodybuilder and athlete has a protein shake as a mandatory food item in their diet. 

This is because protein shake contains a thick amount of protein without any kind of fats. Clearly, these would increase their weight without any body fat. 

As protein shakes do not contain fats, it is rather just protein, it only increases the density of your muscle that makes you bulk up faster. 

Drinking protein shakes regularly is a good natural way to increase muscle.

Raw eggs

Eggs are already great to build muscle and increase them. 

But raw eggs are even better. Because when you cook eggs, the amount of nutrients decreases a bit. But while the egg is raw, it contains a high amount of protein and minerals that can help you increase your muscle faster. 

We mean, you all have seen that bodybuilders always eat raw eggs after their workouts. 

Clearly, raw eggs after a workout can help you increase your muscle faster than some steroids. Hence, this is both a fast and natural way to increase your muscle.

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Brown Rice
Brown Rice

Carbohydrates can grow your muscle very fast as well. And rice is a big source of carbohydrates. 

Thus consuming rice quite often can help you increase body weight. And, you will easily be able to turn those additional weights into a muscle with a little bit of cardio. 

So, we can see many foods can increase muscle and rice is one of them.


They are yet another veg protein. Veg proteins are great for building and increasing muscle without any unnecessary fat in your body. 

And another interesting fact is that soybeans contain the same amount of protein as meat. 

Hence, if you are a vegetarian or vegan, and yet willing to increase muscle, beans and soybeans can be a good way. You can increase your body’s muscles without consuming meat or dairy products.

Foods that increase breast size

Women’s breasts are one of their most attractive features. People all over the world consider big breasts to be appealing. 

Not only this but also breast size can help women with their motherhood. Because small breasts can be a pain while breastfeeding a baby.

Hence, many women go for breast transplant surgeries. Many try steroids. 

But, both of these have many side effects and risks. Hence, if you want to increase your breast size, you can eat some foods regularly that can help increase your bust size.

Dairy foods


Cow milk is the most effective dairy food. Other than this, there are yogurts, dairy sweets, curd, cheese, etc.

And all these dairy foods can increase your breast size.

A woman’s breast size increases because of two hormones. They are-

  1. Estrogen 
  1. Progesterone 

Cow milk contains a good amount of prolactin. This element can stimulate the release of estrogen and progesterone. As a result, your bust size will increase naturally. 

And if you don’t like cow milk, you can eat or drink other foods made from or with milk. All kinds of dairy foods contain prolactin. It would help you get your long desired 36! 



A casual snack item that can make you curvy and appealing. 

Peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds- all kinds of nuts contain some prolactin too. As a result, they can stimulate those hormones’ release inside a woman’s body as well.

As nuts are cheap, casual, and easy to find, they can be a great option for you if you want to increase your cup size. 

Do you want to know a secret? Not only do nuts help increase breast size, but also help infant mothers to produce more milk.

This snack can help literally every woman it seems!



Prawns, oysters, shellfish, and seaweeds are some of the best kinds of seafood at any seafood restaurant.

Many people find seafood fancy and mouth-watering. But, these foods have a surprising benefit.

Seafood contains a good amount of manganese. This mineral can cause your body’s system to release more estrogen and progesterone. As a result, your bust will increase.  

Fenugreek seeds 

Phytoestrogen is another hormone that can make your breast bigger.

But, this hormone releases less than most other hormones. Even so, some foods can help release phytoestrogen naturally. 

Fenugreek seeds are one of them. It too is a snack-type food. People usually eat it after a complete meal. Many even use fenugreek seeds as a kind of spice. 

If you do not like wholegrain fenugreek seeds, you can simply use them as a spice in other foods.

It would help you with your bust size too!

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Sunflower seeds

Many kinds of seeds contain some estrogen themselves rather than just a nutrient that would stimulate the release. 

And, sunflower seeds contain the biggest amount of it.

Clearly, many people already know how beneficial sunflower seeds actually are. But not everyone knows that this crispy snack can help increase breast size as well?

By providing a good amount of estrogen, sunflower seeds can create a brilliant curve in a woman’s body.

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But you need to remember something, even though all these foods can increase your breast size, you will not get the fullest benefit from these foods if you have any bad habits related to health.

For example- smoking, drinking, wearing pushup bras for a long time, etc. These habits can ruin the shape of your breast. 

So, while eating these foods, avoid the bad habits that can ruin the size.

Foods that increase penis size

Both men and women tend to have a thing for big dicks.

That is large because many people think that a big penis can play a better role in a man’s sexual life. Not only this, but since ancient times, people have considered big dicks as the symbol of the strength of a man.

The testosterone hormone is the hormone responsible for every masculine trait. And that includes the penis too.

As we have already explained, taking steroids can often backfire and cause multiple side effects, it is always better to follow a natural way.

Some foods can make the penis grow bigger. At least during intercourse. 

We will explain what those foods are and how they help.


The insane amount of iron and zinc in bananas can release testosterone hormones inside you.

Apart from penis size, testosterone helps build muscles and stamina too. This is why, you will see that regardless of gender, every athlete eats bananas regularly. 

To be frank, you can try it too. Even if you are not an athlete, the release of testosterone can help you in another way.


Kamasutra is one of the oldest books in the world. Even this book has mentioned this one.

After many years, modern science found proof. 

Onion is a great way to stimulate sex hormones. And it is not for men only.

It can stimulate the release of sex hormones in both men and women. And, as a result, a man’s penis size can grow. If it doesn’t in normal times, it will during intercourse at least. 



Like all other leafy vegetables, spinach too contains a good amount of minerals. 

Clearly, many minerals can stimulate the release of sex hormones in an instant. And another fact is that spinach is good for your health in many other ways. 

Not only can it increase your penis size, but also it can increase your sperm count as well. This means consuming spinach regularly can benefit you in many ways in your love life.



Salmon contains a good amount of Omega 3, fatty acids, and minerals. Zinc and manganese are two of the most important minerals that salmon contains. 

And we have already mentioned that zinc and manganese can stimulate the will release of sex hormones in both men and women. 

Not to mention that salmon contains a bit of testosterone as well. As a result, consuming this can increase your penis size even after you reach adulthood.



The secret behind the penis is leading a healthy life. 

Without a doubt, the size of your penis depends on your lifestyle. Whether you are living a healthy life or not. 

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables can help your penis health. Avocado is one of those important fruits that contain a good amount of manganese and a little bit of this testosterone as well. 

As a result, eating avocado regularly can increase both your penis size and sperm count.

But you have to remember that all those foods can help you only when you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Because drinking alcohol, smoking, etc affects your penis negatively. Not only does it reduce sperm count, but also it can reduce the size of your penis itself. 

Hence, you need to make sure that apart from eating all this food, you stay out from alcohol, and cigarettes, and drink a lot of water.

Foods that increase hip size

The size of your hip defines the perfect curve in your body. 

Not only this, but also many people consider a big hip as a symbol of good health as well. You can always go for squats every day and still not get the big hip that you desire. 

But, some foods can increase your hip size as well. This is mostly because hip size does not depend on hormones. 

It rather depends on some basic elements like carbohydrates and protein. Hence, eating foods that contain a good amount of carbohydrates or protein can increase hip size fast.



You can cook eggs, boil eggs, fry eggs, or eat eggs raw- there is one thing that we all know. 

That is, eggs contain a great number of proteins. It also contains a huge amount of calcium as well. 

Calcium can help the structure of your pelvis, and proteins can add more muscle to it. This might grow into a bigger and thicker hip structure. 

That means, we can safely assume that eating eggs regularly can help grow your hip faster.


Like an insane amount of carbohydrates, rice is a big helper for getting big hips. This practice is quite common in the west. Women who want their hips to grow faster, eat carbs regularly. 

Because carbohydrates increase your body size. And as a woman’s lower body tends to gain more weight, eating carbohydrates regularly would increase the size of your hip first. 

You can eat other carb-type foods like pasta and bread as well. But rice might be the biggest help as it is one of the biggest sources of carbohydrates.


Now, the massive amount of protein in soya can make your hips thicker. 

This is because both carbohydrates and proteins have important roles in growing body parts. 

The only difference is that carbohydrate grows the body on the first layer while protein tends to keep it in shape by thickening muscle. 

That’s why, as a great source of protein, eating soya regularly can make your hip grow bigger in size.


They are yet another vegetarian source of protein that can help grow your body part. 

Every kind of peas can provide the necessary protein in your body. As protein tends to thicken the muscle of your body, it is usually the hip that gets the thickening process first. 

By consuming peas regularly, you could easily grow your hips quicker.


It is a dairy product that is high in protein, high in calcium, and high in minerals. 

Not to mention it contains some carbohydrates as well.

All of the nutrients that grow body size quicker in one place!

Hence, eating cheese regularly can easily grow your hips bigger. Another interesting fact about cheese is that it can grow your breast along with your hips too!


Every human wants to get the most perfect body, and it is only natural. 

Even so, for a natural desire, you should follow the natural process. Because your health depends on your lifestyle and actions.

You can want to grow taller, more bulked up, or you can want a specific body part to increase the size. And, some foods that increase size of body parts. 

If you want to increase a specific part of your body to grow bigger, you should eat those foods and get rid of all kinds of bad habits related to health. 

We wish you good luck on your journey to stay fit and healthy. 

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