How to gain weight naturally for skinny people | A to Z guidelines

Every skinny person at least once in a while thinks about how to gain weight by naturally making it work.

Being an obese person is stressful, but being too skinny is no good either. Not only because of the way people look at a skinny person- after all, why should we care about that? But because remaining an underweight person is not something healthy. You at least need to keep a healthy BMI (body mass index) between 18.5 to 24.9, otherwise, it’s bad for your wellbeing.

Research shows that skinny people have more possibilities to get osteoporosis, anemia, and fatigue. 

So, if you want to lead a healthy life, it is high time you get your wills together and start working on gaining weight by natural means.

Again, remember that going to any forced means to gain weight is not going to help you in any way. Hormonal injections, eating junk food, and cola drinks- these means can lead to hormonal imbalance, sudden obesity, high cholesterol levels, etc. 

So, to keep good health, one needs to follow natural means.

There are two ways to gain weight by naturally working on it- 

Diet and Workouts.

How to gain weight naturally  for skinny people | A to Z guidelines

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How to gain weight by naturally following a diet plan:

Eating a lot of junk food or drinking gallons of cola might increase your weight, but that’s going to increase the fat level in your body and ultimately will cause you even more serious health issues. 

Hence, getting a proper diet plan to gain weight healthily is necessary. 


This is probably information everyone already knows. The carbohydrates on the diet plan hold the duty to increase body weight. 

But, even with carbs, there still are some foods that help you even better. And, choosing the proper carbs helps you avoid unnecessary fat gain. 

Here’s the idea on how to gain weight by naturally found carb meals-

  • A cup of rice got like 200 calories. And rice is a great source of carbs. Including rice in your meal would help you increase weight. But, don’t overeat rice, please! Because eating too much rice causes building unnecessary belly fat. 
  • Whole grain bread is a good source of carbs, and they don’t cause much belly fat either. 
  • Corns are both healthy and weight-gaining foods. Not to mention that even a person who doesn’t like to eat much would be able to eat corn with all the delicious recipes of corn. Full of carbs, healthy weight gain, and tasty to eat- this is great right?
  • Buckwheat is another good source of carbs. To be frank, they contain a good amount of starch. Starch is considered a great element to build muscles!
  • Potatoes are often considered a direct alternative to rice. They can be eaten both as a main meal or as snacks. Variety is the potato’s charm.
  • Pasta, cereal, oats, and legumes are also rich in carbs, starch, and fibers. They were created on this planet to help you gain weight. 


Proteins on how to gain weight by naturally including them in diet

Protein helps you gain more muscles. That’s protein’s duty. So, a good and balanced amount of protein intake is going to do wonders. Let’s take a look at the best protein elements that would help you build muscles and gain healthy body weight.

  • Protein shakes are considered a bodybuilding drink for a reason. Drinking protein shakes after workouts help one build strong and masculine muscles and keep bad fats away! But be careful! Don’t add much sugar to your protein shake, it could ruin your healthy weight gain by excessively creating fats. Less sugary or sugarless protein shakes are the best option to gain healthy body weight.
  • Milk is the best drink for every human of every age. Filled with protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and calcium- this drink is an exceptionally useful drink to strengthen your bones as well as build muscle. This means, that drinking milk is going to increase your bone density, which in turn increases body weight most healthily! 
  • People often get afraid to eat red meat. Always in the fear that this might increase their body fats. Whereas in reality, red meats are not the real culprit. But the oils used in cooking are.  To be honest, well-cooked red meat with a small or zero amount of oil is a healthy meal. The high amount of protein that they contain helps gain muscle weight. 
  • Eggs, especially the yolk, are rich in protein and good fats. Did you ever notice that all those fitness hunks with immense muscle eat a lot of boiled eggs? That’s because eggs help them maintain their body muscle weights. 
  • Salmon is a tasty fish. One ounce of salmon contains 40 calories. Not only that, but not only the high calorie that comes with protein; they contain a good amount of good fats and omega-3 which is beneficial.
  • Cheese is another great source of proteins and good fats. They are also rich in calcium. That is why cheese helps grow bone density, muscles, and body mass index fast and easily. 


How to gain weight by naturally included snacks

As mentioned above, gaining a healthy body weight requires eating more frequently. Hence, even snacks play a crucial role in weight gaining diet. 

Let’s take a look at how to gain weight by naturally eating snacks. 

  • Peanut is an easy snack that contains a good amount of calories, healthy oils, and proteins. You can eat peanut bars or only peanuts, can include peanut butter in normal meals- they all help. 
  • Dark chocolate contains a lot of good fats and antioxidants. They help you gain bodyweight drastically, and there’s another bonus point, dark chocolates keep all sorts of body cramps away too! 
  • Dried fruits contain a great number of carbohydrates. They are easy snacks. So, while you are on a weight-gaining diet, you can eat dried fruits as snacks frequently. 
  • Full-fat yogurts are another tasty and nutritious food that can be eaten both as snacks or after-meal food. They have a good amount of protein and calcium that builds both bones and muscles.

Eating hacks:

There are the hacks you need to follow if you want a healthy weight increase.

  • Rather than having two or three big meals which often end up with you eating less than you even planned you’d eat – eat more frequently. The amount of food you eat can be small, that’s fine. But make the number of meals to at least 5. Eating frequently not only helps you to gain weight but also prevents you from getting body fats. Healthy, isn’t it?
  • Don’t drink water while you’re eating your meals. Water with meals fastens your metabolism, hence you can’t gain much weight even if you eat a lot. 
  • Don’t rush while you eat. Take your time. Eating a meal at the proper time helps increase muscle growth.

That was about the diet plan. But if you’re wondering how to gain weight faster, then you need to work out a lot too. Only a diet won’t be sufficient. 

Here’s the plan-

Workout plan for weight gain:

How to gain weight by naturally working out

These simple workouts can drastically change your body by adding more muscle. Let’s take a look.


Pushups are one of the most useful workouts out there. This exercise helps strengthen your muscles over the whole body. Arms, shoulder, chest- everything. You can try different sorts of pushups at home. The standard one with fists, with widespread hands, diamond pushups when you’ve gained more control over your arms. Every kind of pushup ultimately results in the same thing- strong and thick muscles that get healthy body weight increase. Not to mention that this workout is an easy one. You just need a flat surface where you’d be able to lay your body and start pushing up. The immense pressure that your arms take to carry the weight of your whole body makes them stronger and thicker.


Sit-ups are a great exercise to remove belly fat. But apart from this, sit-ups help to build belly abs as well. And, these abs add a healthy kind of weight to your body. Sit-ups are also super easy. You only need a little space of flat surface where you’d be able to lie down keeping your folded and will be able to simply start getting up and down. That pressure created on your belly during the process creates great strength in your body muscle.


Squats are another easy exercise that can be done at home, in your bedroom! What do you need to do squats? Just a small bit of space. Nothing else. And how to do this? Just spread your legs, join your hands, sit down and stand up. Repeat this sit down and stand up process over and over. There are a variety of squats too. You can continue the squat process while walking. This helps your lower body get thicker and grow more muscles which directly add to your weight. 

Pull up

Pull up is another workout that helps grow body muscles all over the body. Unlike the previous workouts, pull-ups require a little equipment. Don’t worry, that’s not expensive. You’ve been worrying about how to gain weight by naturally doing exercises, pull-ups can be a great option. You just need any kind of pullup bars, you can make one at home too, not like you have to buy it. Then, grip the bar with your both hands. Pull your body up until your shoulder reaches higher than the bar. Your arms might start hurting at the beginning but do endure it. Because, if you continue this, you’ll get a broad shoulder and thick biceps in no time! 


Weightlifting is an undisputed exercise to gain weight. This is the sole reason why bodybuilders all over the world are so obsessed with weightlifting. There are types of weightlifting though. Overhead press, where you lift the weights over your head standing and keep repeating the process is a good way to build arm, shoulder, and back muscles. Bench press meanwhile, the process where you lie against a bench and pull the weights lying down up to your body over and over is great to build chest and belly muscles. They help to build biceps too! 


Cycling is underrated in the bodyweight gaining process. But, planning about gaining weight by naturally working, cycling should be included in. Cycling indeed helps you get rid of unnecessary fats and hence a lot of people do cycling to lose weight. But, this is the case for all kinds of workouts. Workouts are all about getting rid of bad fats and build more muscle. This means obese people, lose weight when they work out. Meanwhile, skinny people gain weight because of the increase in muscles. Cycling helps your lower body, especially your thigh and legs gain stronger muscle. As you can see, skinny people usually have really thin legs. Getting them more muscle helps them get prettier legs. This is why cycling is a great choice in weight-gaining missions. 

Exercises you need to avoid while on a weight gain plan

Even though exercises help you gain weight by adding more muscles, there are a few exercises you need to avoid if you don’t want to lose weight in the process.

They are-

These two kinds of exercises are meant to tone down only. They don’t help to gain weight. This is why, while you are on your mission to gain weight, avoid these two. Once you bulk up, you can go for cardio and aerobics to tone down. But before that, skipping them is for the better. 

We hope that these ideas on how to gain weight by naturally eating and working out will help you to get your dream body. But again, before you go for the meals, be considerate of your health. Like, if you have any specific condition like allergic reactions or diabetes, you need to skip the foods that might trigger any complexity. And while working out, if you have any special condition such as asthma- skip the ones that might hurt you and focus on the rest.

Hope this helps you! 

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