When Should I Take Creatine? – Also Some Related FAQs

When should I take creatine?

When should I take creatine?- this is the question from athletes and bodybuilders all over the world!  Apart from this question, there are many other frequently asked questions regarding the creatine. That’s understandable though, as creatine is getting more and more popular with the days passing by.  Here we will discuss what is creatine, how […]

Does Creatine Make You Thirsty? – Also Side Effects & Benefits

Does creatine make you thirsty?

Does creatine make you thirsty? The answer is yes as creatine is a water-drawing molecule. They are also known as muscle compounds. It is one of the most frequently asked questions with the increasing popularity of creatine as a medicine. The concern is legit though. As creatine has become a familiar name over time, the […]