Wheat thins nutrition, flavors, ingredients, calories, healthy & more

Wheat thins have been a popular snack even after the changes of 75 whole years. These cracker chips, still now, have been serving amazing munches among the people out there.

Here, we’ll be discussing what wheat thins are, their calorie count and nutrition values, wheat thins flavors, ingredients, and the making process. We’ll also explore whether wheat thins are healthy or not, whether they’re vegan or not, and about stoned wheat thins, wheat thins benefits, and probable side effects. 

What are wheat thins? 

Wheat thins are timeless snacks that have not lost their touch in 75 years. Though namely wheat, they are actually of whole grains of all sorts.

Wheat thins are baked whole grain snacks that are basically crackers.

In short, they are like chips, but of wheat instead of potato. 

They are a popular snack all over the USA. They were first introduced back in 1947, and till now they have not lost their popularity. 

As they are not deep-fried, instead are baked, you might think that wheat thins might taste bland. But hey! They are not bland, they really do taste like real crackers! 

Such an amazing snack option, aren’t they? 

Wheat thins calories

Wheat thins are basically carb-type foods. So, it is no wonder that they contain quite a high amount of calories. 

Wheat thins contain 141 calories per serving. 

Well, now comes the question- what is the amount of wheat thins per serving? 

It is 16 chips that make a whole serving.

Well, now comes the question- what is the amount of wheat thins per serving? 

It is 16 chips that make a whole serving.

Maybe that information is going to help with the further calculation. It means, just one tiny chip of wheat can provide almost 9 calories! 

An insane amount, right? 

Wheat thins nutrition
Wheat thins | Picture credit: chefjulieyoon.com

Wheat thins nutrition

As they are made from whole grain, we can expect wheat thins to be quite nutritious. 

Let’s take a look at the nutrition facts that wheat thins have to offer-

  • As a carb-type food, wheat thins are rich in carbs. Every serving of wheat thins (16 chips) contains about 22 grams of carbohydrates. 

That to be said, wheat thins can be a nice option for you all to eat to satisfy instant hunger. Also, as carbs are the fuel to keep your body moving forward, these baked chips can be of big help for the athletes who require carbs loading. 

  • Every serving of wheat thins contains 5 grams of fat as well. But wait! Don’t freak out just because they contain fats! For, the fats that wheat thins contain are all saturated fats, they contain zero trans fat which is the real bad fat. 

Also, the number of fats that wheat thins contains per serving is only 6% of your daily needs.

  • The number of carbs that wheat thins contain per serving- 3 grams of that are dietary fibers. The amount is equivalent to 11% of your daily requirement of dietary fibers.  
  • Wheat thins contain some proteins too. The amount is 2 grams per serving. The amount might seem small, but considering the daily need- it is not that small either. 
  • Just like any other crackers, wheat thins to have some minerals. Sodium is the most visible among them. Every serving of these wheat chips contains 200 mg of sodium. That is equivalent to 9% of your daily needs. 
  • Another important mineral that wheat thins can provide is calcium. The mineral is responsible for bone and tooth health. Wheat thins have 30 mg of calcium per serving. That amount is easily 2% of your daily needs.
  • Potassium is important to keep your body fluid balanced. Wheat thins can provide 90 mg of potassium per serving! Rich, isn’t it? 

Wheat thins might not be the most balanced food out there, but they are at least quite impressive as snacks with all those nutrients. 

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Wheat thins flavors

Wheat thins might be made of whole grain, and be baked, but they are not boring at all.

One of the biggest reasons behind that is, wheat thins come with some different flavors. 

Let’s take a look at all those mouth-watering flavors wheat thins come with. 

  • The original is all wheat and grainy- can give a vintage taste of baked freshness. 
  • But the sundried tomato and basil flavor are on a whole different level! While you’re eating that, you’ll taste the amazing flavor of tomato, the matured flavor of basil, and as the sun-dried wheat will melt inside your mouth- you’ll get the mixture of all three of them! 
  • A hint of salt is another flavor that totally enriches the chips. No, hints of salt don’t mean that the chips will be salty, it rather enhances the flavor with different flavored salts. Well, they are more nutritious as well because hints of salt contain more minerals.
  • Multigrain too brings back old vintage taste, but this time even stronger. As they contain more grains, this adds more flavors. 
  • And then comes cracked pepper and olive oil flavors if you’re a big fan of spices! This flavor is spicier and easily one of the most flavorful chips.

So, which one is your favorite? 

Wheat thins ingredients 

We all are well aware that wheat thins are made of whole grains. But that must not be all, right?

Let’s take a look at the ingredients required to make wheat thins.

  • SALT

All these ingredients are quite available and cheap. You can find them right at the local grocery shop. That’s fun!

The making process of wheat thins 

About the making process of wheat thins, it’s simple.

You’ll need to follow three easy steps to make wheat thins at home.

  • Mix the ingredients properly 
  • Roll them to the thinnest level you can roll.
  • Cut the rolled sheet into the shapes you want.
  • Bake them for 12 minutes in a 350° F preheated microwave oven.

That’s all! You won’t always need to go to the grocery shops to buy wheat thins. 

Are wheat thins healthy?

The answer in short is, yes. Wheat thins contain so many nutrition elements with minerals. 

But, even though they are comparatively healthier snacks, you’ll still need to refrain from eating too many wheat thins snacks. 

Because the high amount of carbs they contain is somewhat risky.

So, even though we’ve said yes as the answer, the answer could easily turn into a big no if you’re at risk of obesity or related issues.

Health Benefits

Snacks are just snacks. What could the benefits be?

Many people tend to think like this. But in reality, the snacks can have a lot of beneficial sides too if you can choose the snacks wisely. 

  • Wheat thins are great for the instant carb-loading process. That is why the runners are seen to eat loads of wheat thins before a sprint occurs. 
  • The good amount of minerals (including sodium, calcium, and potassium) makes wheat thins the ideal snacks for pregnant moms and kids.
  • Another reason why wheat thins are great is- they are baked. Not fried. That is what makes them even healthier. 
  • As wheat thins now have meal versions as well (stoned wheat thins and cereals), they are now more than just snacks!

What do you think? Do you like wheat thins more as a snack or a meal?

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Are wheat thins vegan?

Yes. Wheat thins are made of whole grain. 

And they don’t use any dairy products or eggs either.

As we have mentioned the ingredients above, you can see it for yourself. Even the flavors of wheat thins have vegan essences.

So, don’t worry! If you’re a vegan, you can eat wheat thins snacks without freaking out.

Stoned wheat thins

Stoned wheat thins are a variety of wheat thins that are made without any saturated fats or cholesterol. And apparently, they are not like the baked snack type.

In other words, you could say that stoned wheat thins are the healthier version of this wheat-based snack.

And, interestingly, even though stoned wheat thins are healthier than the originals, they are crispier. 

You could say, original wheat thins are the vintage baked snack, whereas, stoned wheat thins are like real crispy chips.

They can be eaten with cheese or just fresh out of a packet. It will be just as yummy!

Wheat thins cereal

As time passed, wheat thins started to get more and more popular. And at one point, wheat thins as just a snack item was too small to accept.

That is when they started to make wheat thins cereal.

Wheat thins cereal is the frost mini wheat thins, you’ll need to soak them in milk or water to make the cereal.

They are some really good breakfast foods. 

Wheat thins cereal too, are somewhat healthy. But, you’ll need to watch out for the sugar level. 

Wheat thins cereal, unlike the original wheat thins, contains some sugar. And the amount is not small either. 

Every serving of wheat thins contains 11 grams of sugar.

So, if you have high blood sugar, you better skip this meal. 

Probable side effects of wheat thins 

Nothing comes without flaws. 

This is the same with wheat thins as well.

Let’s take a look at those probable side effects-

  • Wheat thins are not gluten-free. That is why people with celiac diseases can get immune reactions if they eat these.
  • Overconsumption of wheat thins might lead to a sudden weight gain.
  • Wheat thins cereal might be problematic for people with high blood sugar

That is why always look up to the details before you eat anything. Because staying healthy is important! 

That was all about wheat thins. We hope that was helpful for you all. And, let us remind you something important again, for any sorts of discomfort or health troubles, please do contact a doctor in person.

And, if you have any further questions, let us know! Just drop the question or your opinion in the comment box here!

Eat healthily and stay healthy! 

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