Top Food List for Diabetic Diet Type 2 – Benefit in a Month

Diabetic diet type 2 is something that should not be taken lightly. Diabetes is a condition that binds a person into limiting their diet. The food items will allow the person to control their sugar level.

For any diabetic patient, calorie counting and proper diet maintenance is a compulsory task. Any healthcare expert, for example; a physician or diet expert, can work with people who are type 2 diabetes patients to find the most favorable food choices that work for them.

People get afraid when they are affected by it. But it is all about control. All they have to do is to choose the best quality food among the good quality nutrients. Excess fat, sodium, and added sugar are a few components that should be avoidable.

Type 2 diabetic diet food list:

Diabetic diet type 2 has so many options. Here are some of them that will allow you to understand about proper diet choice a diabetic patent can select;

Bell Peppers

BELL PEPPER-CAPSICUM for Diabetic Diet Type 2
Bell Peppers

This is one of those Diabetic diet items that add a lot of flavor and nutrition. And amazingly, it helps to reduce the sugar level.

The Bell pepper is considered to be a super vegetable. It is loaded with vitamins and fiber that help to absorb the sugar in the blood cells. This is quite helpful for type 2 diabetes patients.

According to some experts, it would be better if someone eats that raw. Eating them raw will help to decrease the health complications caused by diabetes.

Chia Seeds

CHIA SEEDS for Diabetic Diet Type 2
Chia Seeds

When it comes to healthy food for type 2 diabetes, chia seeds should be at the top of the list. It is also considered a remedy. It is full of fiber that helps to manage diabetes.

The The human body needs protein, fiber, and calcium to be fit. These things are vital elements that prevent anybody from having a disease like diabetes.

Chia seeds are also known as energy boosters. So, apart from controlling sugar levels, it helps to maintain physical energy.

Whole Grain Oats

Whole grain oats for Diabetic diet type 2

Among all the diet options for diabetes patients, oats come first. We must start the day with a healthy breakfast. To do that, we should choose whole grain oats. These items have a high amount of fiber and other nutritious ingredients to destroy bad cholesterol. It will easily normalize your diabetic level.

For either a type-1 or type-2 patient, that person must replace the regular sugary cereal with oats. Because sugar is the main reason for having a diabetic problem.

Glycemic Index, a high rise in body glucose is responsible for this. Oats help to control that problem, and side by side, they keep the heart healthy.

Brown Rice

Brown Rice for Diabetic diet type 2
Brown Rice

Another amazing food is here for you. Brown rice is something that works as a medicine because it has lots of potential minerals and fewer carbs.

This food slows down the sugar release process in the blood cells. According to many types of research, people can reduce their risk of being diabetic by up to 11% by adding brown rice to their diet.

These days’ diabetics are one of the most feared problems in the world. And to control the outcome, diet is the first solution. So, for health benefits now and future health, it is better to switch to brown rice and consume fewer carbs at a time.



Among all the plant-based diabetic diets, tofu comes at the top of the list. Despite having a lower amount of fiber, they are considered healthy foods. It is full of protein and the perfect food for diabetic people.

A person who is a type 2 diabetic patient. For sure, that person needs to think twice before consuming any food. Because fat and carbohydrates are strictly prohibited after a certain level. Yet, a good amount of protein is important. So, tofu is the perfect choice for them.

It will fight against cholesterol levels and prevent insulin resistance. Incorporating tofu into a regular meal would be a wise decision.

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& The most abundant sources of carbohydrates are easy to find.


SPINACH for Diabetic diet type 2

If a person is looking for a diet for diabetes, then that person should choose green vegetables. Any green vegetable is good for health. For health reasons, every person must have a non-starchy vegetable. That will keep the system active and prevent us from becoming diabetic. Spinach is one of them.

Either in soup, as a vegetable, or blended with juice. This high-fiber food takes care of the blood sugar level. After all, we know that sugar levels are directly related to diabetics.

Every doctor recommends having spinach for diabetes patients. It will help them to keep the system healthy.

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Tomato for Diabetic diet type 2

One of the most common diet type 2 diabetes patients in the entire world is tomato. It is a superfood that people can have raw or cooked. For a diabetic patient, it is a great choice.

It has a low glycemic index and starch but has a good amount of vitamins, potassium, and lycopene. All these are enough to prevent having diabetes, or even a patient can have it to keep it in control.

Many times, the diet restrictions make patients underweight and a bit weak. Tomatoes are one of those options that will help to keep the energy level high and maintain a decent weight.

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Salmon for Diabetic diet type 2

Some fish are considered as Diabetic food and salmon is one of them. It is a great source of protein that keeps the body fit and prevents the spread of diabetics. Salmon has a lot of natural fat, vitamins, and potassium. These natural resources are great for health as well.

Some people are concerned about having fish, but the truth is that it is a great and ideal food item for having small amounts of carbohydrates. It is highly recommended for those who are type 2 diabetics.

The interesting fact is every part of salmon is important. Even the skin has oligopeptides which help to control blood sugar. So in the end, it is one of those food items that diabetic and non-diabetic people can have at least twice a week.


Coffee for Diabetic diet type 2

People usually say that as a diet for type 2, coffee is bad for health. That is why some people may feel a bit weird about consuming caffeine. Coffee reduces the risk and works perfectly as a diabetic diet.

We all know that diabetes causes glucose circulation to become higher. This often leads to insulin resistance when someone is a diabetic patient, and that will cause a serious health problem. Coffee contains caffeine, and that decreases the risk of that problem.

So I must say, having a cup of sugar-free coffee every day can result in great health benefits.

Blueberries and Blackberries

Blueberries and blackberries for Diabetic diet type 2
Blueberries and blackberries

Certain fruits are suitable for diabetes patients. According to studies, a type 2 diabetic faces a steady loss of producing insulin. It is a bad sign because insulin energizes our bodies to stay fit.

People who are diagnosed with diabetes have restrictions in eating certain fruits. But they can enjoy blueberries and blackberries. Because apart from great taste it has plenty of vitamins and antioxidants that fight against multiple diseases including diabetics.

So without being worried you can enjoy plenty of them. A type 2 diabetic person should have black and blueberries regularly.

Dark Chocolate

DARK CHOCOLATE for Diabetic diet type 2
Dark Chocolate

Some dessert items can be put on a diabetic diet. Everybody loves dessert but for a diabetic patient, it is simply prohibited for having a large amount of sugar. That is why you can have dark chocolate instead.

Surprisingly dark chocolate is acceptable for type 2 people. A moderate amount daily will reduce the sugar level and cholesterol.

Nowadays many cakes and pastries can be made using dark chocolate. After all, a diabetic patient also has cravings for sweets.


Beans for Diabetic diet type 2

When we talk about diabetic diet type 2, it is all about physical maintenance and controlling the diet. The diet has to be clean and full of healthy nutrients. Beans are one of the diets that are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.

Unlike any starchy food, beans keep the blood fresh. And when it comes to having quality food we care for low carbohydrates and lots of protein. Beans have plenty of that and can be replaced by meat.

Either breakfast, lunch, or dinner, beans can be served at any time. So researchers also recommended this item to keep on the plate daily.

Sweet Potatoes

SWEET POTATO for Diabetic diet type 2
Sweet potato

Anybody who suffers from type 2 diabetics should make sure that the diet consists of rich supplements. A sweet potato is an option that can be chosen.

Anybody who is a type 2 patient should have it. It will lower the risk factor of diabetics. It will minimize the sugar and carbs level and increase the valuable nutrients of the body.

There are many types of sweet potatoes. The orange sweet potato contains lots of fiber. Secondly, we have purple sweet potatoes with low-level GL, which improves insulin resistance. Then we have Japanese sweet potatoes that reduce cholesterol, which plays a vital role for diabetics.


Cauliflower for Diabetic diet type 2

Among all the alternatives diabetic diet, cauliflower is one of them. Because it is low in glycemic index, has a small number of carbohydrates, and has lots of vitamins.

The consumption for a healthy person would be decreasing the risk rate of diabetics by reducing cholesterol. It would be a portion of great food for obese people, as we know that, obesity is directly linked to diabetics.

Even the doctors recommend any diabetic patient to have cauliflower on daily basis. That allows the person to keep the level good and make the body fit by providing necessary nourishment.


Yoghurt for Diabetic diet type 2

Yogurt is great as a diet for type 2 patients. Calcium, vitamin D, potassium, and protein are some of the items that we need every day. If you are a diabetic patient, then yogurt could be a perfect dessert option, and you are most welcome to have a few on a daily basis.

This product has lots of probiotics that are good for health and decrease inflammation. So as a diabetic diet type 2 can be considered as an ideal food item.

A diabetic patient can have it without any fear because yogurt does have any artificial sweetener or added sugar. Instead, it is full of protein and vitamins, and some natural fat.

Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd for Diabetic diet type 2
Bitter gourd

It is a highly available diabetic diet type 2 vegetable that works as medicine. Some people also call it anti-diabetic food.

A high level of blood glucose is a harmful effect on the human body. Certain types of food have a powerful effect on reversing the process. Bitter gourd is one of those foods.

Anybody, either a healthy person or a diabetic should have 2,000 mg of bitter melon, it will keep them healthy. Also, it helps with other relevant diseases like skin conditions, painful menstruation, and others.


Broccoli for Diabetic diet type 2

For those who are suffering from diabetes, experts always suggest having green vegetables which are the diabetic good food category. When you need a certain amount of nutrition then definitely you should have them every day.

Broccoli gives sufficient sustenance and keeps the body away from serious diseases like diabetics. Even a person with type 2 will stop producing excess glucose in the liver.

Just a half cup of broccoli has lots of calories and only 3 grams of carbs. Some study shows that it helps to decrease 10 percent of blood sugar level of any diabetic patient.

Olive Oil

OLIVE OIL for Diabetic diet type 2
Olive Oil

There is another option for a diabetic diet and that is olive oil. Olive oil is an item that helps to overcome cholesterol-related problems.

Oil is essential to cook many food items. Instead of soybean, people should switch to olive. After all, it has so many herbal essentials that work perfectly as an alternative to other types of oil and keep the food healthy.

This food is a perfect choice for reducing low-density lipoprotein also. So while cooking choosing the right type of olive oil is a vital role.


Strawberry for Diabetic diet type 2

Certain fruits are considered a type 2 diet and some of the most nutritious in the world. The diabetic patient should keep those on their regular diet. Strawberry is one of those options.

Blood sugar rising is an alarming issue for health. So many sweet items need to be avoided, including some fruits. But strawberries are different. It is sweet, yet very beneficial. A certain amount will help a diabetic person provide a sufficient amount of sweets for the body.

You can eat a good quantity ofstrawberries even if you have diabetes. Because it has no extra starch, which is harmful to the body. So as a good source of low carbohydrates and loaded with vitamins you can have it without getting worried.


Lentils for Diabetic diet type 2

Soup is healthy enough to be considered a good diet for diabetes patients. Any soup item keeps the body healthy. As for a type 2 diabetic person, it is compulsory to have a soup item in the daily diet plan. Lentils are the cheapest, easily available, and nutritious.

When you have diabetics, you need to stabilize your blood pressure and sugar. Lentil is a perfect item that helps to do that quickly. Also, as a low carb and high protein plant-based diet, this is a great option.

Side by side, it allows us to keep the necessary nutrition into the body for smooth body function.


Quinoa for Diabetic diet type 2

Quinoa is a great option in diabetic diet type 2. Managing diabetics is a hard thing to do. To manage that we have to count calories and control our diet. So, we require rich food like quinoa.

Through diet, it is easy to prevent or maintain diabetics. This food is filled with magnesium, vitamins B, chromium, iron, and folate.

Quinoa is a healthy item that can be a better replacement for rice, and replacing it with rice means having fewer carbohydrates and plenty of calcium and potassium. So, it will be easier to stay away from diabetics or control them.


Garlic for Diabetic diet type 2

This is not just regular healthy food that we put in the diet chart, but also consider medicine. Many times, we have seen that doctors recommend having garlic daily if he or she has diabetes.

High cholesterol levels and high blood pressure are the enemies of having type 2 diabetes. Garlic has almost 400 chemical components that help to maintain the disease or prevent anybody from having it. It helps a lot to increase the insulin level.

In the end, the regular garlic eaters have normal blood, reduced blood pressure. So have garlic every day and keep the diabetics away from you.

Bok Choy

BOK CHOY for Diabetic diet type 2
Bok Choy

There is a Chinese item that people keep on the list of the diabetic diet. Experts always suggest having leafy green vegetables whether the person is fit or not. Bok choy is full of potassium, vitamin A and calcium that help someone to stay away from diabetics.

Many vegetables might not be suitable for a diabetic patient but bok choy is different. Since they do not contain any fat, feel free to have plenty of them.

In the end, In the end, diabetes type 2 is not something you can take lightly. But remember, being a diabetic patient does not mean life is over. You have to control the diet, maintain physical fitness and do the regular daily tasks routine-wise. So instead of being depressed, it is important to get a lesson from the previous mistakes and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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