How to lose weight in a month at home, step-by-step guidelines

If your question is How to lose weight in a month– means that you are very serious about weight loss and you are looking for the right way which can help you to reach your goals quickly.

An overweight person faces many problems in his personal life. That is why a person suffers from physical health problems as well as depression.

There are so many articles, videos on the internet that will advise you on how to lose weight. But most of the time the advisor has not had any practical experience with weight loss, they just learn on the internet and teach you the same thing.

In this article, you will learn how to lose weight in a month step by step. Because I am a former amateur boxer, I have practical experience of losing weight and you know without enough experience no one can teach properly any topic.

Diet and Exercise, this two things you have to focus on if you want to maximum weight loss in a month.

How to lose weight in a month, maximum 1 month

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How to lose weight in a month through food?

How to lose weight in a month

You should remember in this weight loss program, eat a minimum amount of carbohydrates, sugar and protein.

Protein is also important for health but much protein can gain your body weight. So, I suggest you eat 1/4 part of the carbohydrates, sugar and protein of your previous meal for the best result. For example, suppose in your previous daily life, you generally eat 2 full bread for breakfast. Bread is carbohydrate food, so in this weight-loss period, you should eat only half (1/4 or 25%) of one bread. The same rules apply to sugar and protein intake. 

And the most important thing is you can’t eat junk food anymore in this weight loss program. You can only eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables etc and drink water and sugar-free juice.


In the morning before 1-2 hours of exercise, you can take a sugar-free fruit juice. Depends on you, it’s not much necessary.

In this weight-loss period, eat 50% food of your previous normal breakfast. You can eat any kind of healthy food for breakfast but take only 25% carbohydrates, sugar and protein of your previous normal breakfast (Already explained it).

You will still be hungry in the first few days because you ate only 50% food of your previous normal breakfast. So, don’t worry about it. Drink a lot of water and wait for lunch.

You can drink water to quench your hunger whenever you are hungry before lunch.


Same as breakfast, in this weight-loss period, eat only 50% food of your previous normal lunch. 
You can eat some vegetables, fish and water. You can also add few fruits. I will suggest an apple. Because apples have many health benefits and it helps to lose weight. 

After lunch, wait for dinner. You can drink as much water as you want. Because water doesn’t gain body weight and it also helps to lose weight. 


Don’t take dinner at late night. Try as earlier as possible. 
Same as lunch and breakfast, eat only 50% food of your previous normal dinner in this weight loss program. 
Eat some vegetables, a little bit of fish or chicken and fruit etc. Drink enough water.

How to lose weight in a month through exercise?

Jumping rope
Jumping rope

You should be exercise daily two times. In the morning and evening. 
In the morning do exercise 1-2 hours daily, and in the evening 2-3 hours daily.

What kind of exercise you should do daily? 

There are so many articles about exercises for weight loss on internet, you should check them out for detailed knowledge.

Now I am telling about only jumping rope. It is the most calorie-burning exercise. One of the simplest, cheapest, and most effective workouts for reducing weight. All we need is a small area and some customized rope, which can be found in any sports store nowadays. It not only aids in weight loss, but it also aids in the development of strong cardiovascular muscles.

Jumping rope may also be used as a full-body workout. It improves coordination and works on a variety of muscle groups. Many of you would rather walk than jump rope, yet jumping rope burns more calories. This workout may be done by anybody of any age or shape.

Impact of sleep to lose weight:

How to lose weight in a month

Within 3 hours of dinner, you should go to sleep
Don’t sleep more than 6-8 hours at night. 
Stop sleeping in the daytime.

To follow in these few steps, you will realize the progress in the first week and after a month you will reach your target easily. Best of luck. 

I will finally say one thing that you have to endure hunger.

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