Do Marshmallows Have Pork? – (Explained In-Depth)

Do Marshmallows Have Pork? - (Explained In-Depth)

Marshmallows, those pillowy clouds of sweetness that elevate our favorite desserts, have intrigued many with a lingering question: do they contain pork? The key lies in an ingredient called gelatin, derived from animal collagen, which gives marshmallows their signature texture. In this exploration, we’ll uncover the truth about marshmallows, specifically addressing the presence of pork-derived … Read more

Do Marshmallows Have Dairy? Dairy-Free Brands, Recipe & All

How to Find Pork-Free Marshmallows

Do marshmallows have dairy? I always assumed they were dairy-free since they’re made from sugar, cornstarch, and gelatin, but a recent conversation with my friend made me question that. Apparently there are some marshmallows out there that contain dairy, so if you’re dairy-free like me, it’s important to be aware of which brands to avoid. … Read more