Why Do People Eat Corn Starch? – Is It Bad For You & More Info

Has it ever occurred to your mind as to why do people eat corn starch?

The answer is probably yes. 

Here we’re going to provide the answers to all these questions you people have in your minds regarding corn starch including the descriptions regarding this powder, why people eat corn starch, whether corn starch is bad for your health or not, and more.

Let’s proceed! 

Corn starch overview 

Unlike corn flour, corn starch is gained from the kernel of corn only after removing the protein. They are in fact, more refined and whiter.

People often ask why people eat corn starch. We need to know more about this widely popular starch along with the details.

Surely, corn starch is a common ingredient that you’d find in your kitchen. As they are the mandatory ingredients to make soup, corn syrup, and some variety of sauces.

They are surprisingly energetic, containing 381 calories in every 100 grams! 

Why do people eat corn starch?

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Why do people eat corn starch? 

The human body needs carbohydrates to keep going. Carbs are the primary energy fuel for the human body. 

Corn starch is a carb-type ingredient. That said, carb-type foods can satisfy your hunger faster and with more ease than non-carbs.

That is one of the reasons why people eat corn starch so frequently. 

Also, most appetizing items require corn starch in their making processes. Be it soup, sauce, or syrup. And we all are well aware that resisting these mouth-watering foods is really hard! 

But, that was all about eating cooked corn starch.

There are some people who eat corn starch straight out of the can! 

The craving for plain corn starch is not something normal. There is a medical condition called “Pica“. 

People who have Pica have a tendency to eat non-nutritious foods such as plain corn starch. This tendency can be addictive at times. 

There are many reasons for getting Pica. The deficiency of iron, or zinc might cause it. That is a reason why pregnant women get pica quite often. 

Don’t worry, this unusual medical condition is treatable. Getting enough minerals and living a healthy life is the answer.

Is corn starch keto?

Keto is a diet plan which consists of zero or minimal carbs. 

A keto dieter is not allowed to intake more than 40 grams of carbs per day. 

But, if you look at the calorie count of corn starch, you will see that every 100 grams of corn starch contain 381 calories. Most of which is carbohydrates. To be exact, every 100 grams of corn starch contains 91 grams of carbs!

The amount is so massive that only 50 grams of corn starch exceed the daily limit of carbs that keto allows. 

So, here is the answer. 

Corn starch is not a keto item.

Beneficial uses of corn starch 

This widely popular white powder has some pretty beneficial uses. Let’s take a look at them- 

  • They have multiple uses in the kitchen. They are the perfect thickener of soup, sauce, and syrup! 
  • The paste of corn starch along with coconut oil is an excellent ointment and facial musk that can help your skin stay good.
  • Cosmetic productions need corn starch for its absorbent nature. 
  • You can use corn starch to keep the dried foods fresh for a longer time! 

All these uses are really beneficial, right? 

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Why do females eat corn starch during pregnancy? Is it safe?

Some people eat raw corn scratch right out of the box. This kind of person has very unusual taste buds and cravings. There is a term for them that describes this unusual food habit is PICA.

Pica may imply that you may be deficient in zinc or iron. So you ought to see a doctor to verify the other underlying factors. You need to be conscious about your health considering anemia can raise more medical complications.

Corn starch intake is not that harmful to a pregnant woman. If you just primarily use this to thicken sauces or bake items, it’s usually fine. But If you eat a significant quantity of corn starch, it could lead to a major medical problem.

In pregnancy, women are often diagnosed with PICA. Eating non-food items may bring risks for the mother and child as well. Consult a primary care physician if the craving is not going away.

Is corn starch bad for you?

The answer varies from person to person. 

If you’re at risk with carb-type foods, then corn starch is bad for you.

But, if you don’t have that much risk with carbs, then corn starch is not going to cause any trouble. 

About the risks with corn starch, we need to take a look at the situations corn starch can be bad for you.

  • Corn starch is high in carbs. This is why people with diabetes or high blood sugar can get affected by this white powder. 
  • As they don’t have much nutritional value, they can be really bad for the people seeking a balanced diet.
  • People with pica tend to have an unusual addiction to corn starch. But, as corn starch can not treat the mineral deficiency, it can be bad for these people. 

But, if you do not have the following conditions, or if you are simply looking for some gluten-free carbs, then corn starch is not bad for you. It is rather a smart choice.

In short, the answer can be either yes, or no. It depends on the individual. 

How to stop eating corn starch?

Eating excessively corn starch is a bad sign for the body. It happened for PICA. To know the problem, visit a doctor to test iron or zinc deficiency. The reason behind eating corn starch can be this.

Compulsive eating something non-food can be the result of a mineral shortage. It will eventually go away if you rectify the problem. Test anemia and take iron supplements. And be patient with the procedure.

Frequently asked questions regarding corn starch 

Apart from the discussions above, people have many other questions regarding corn starch. 

In this section, we’ll be providing the answers to those frequently asked questions. 

  • How much corn starch should you eat a day?

Someone’s daily starch-based carb intake should not exceed 278 grams a day. As corn starch contains 91 grams of carbs per 100 grams, you can intake a maximum of 300 grams of corn starch a day if it is the only starch carb you are taking.

  • Is corn starch vegan?

Yes. Corn starch is a pure plant source food item. No sort of animal or dairy products or means are used to produce corn starch. They are completely vegan.

  • Can corn starch make you gain weight? 

Well, simply consuming corn starch is not enough to get you to gain much weight. But, as they are mostly carbs, it is possible to gain some weight if you overconsume them.

  • Can corn starch cause constipation? 

Corn starch is all carbs and is starchy. Also, they lack vitamins and minerals. Hence, the overconsumption of corn starch might cause constipation. 

  • Is corn starch good for your skin?

Yes. The answer is yes from both the internal and the external perspectives. Corn starch is gluten-free. Hence, eating corn starch is helpful to get fresh skin without pimples. And, the paste of corn starch is good for external usage. They help relieve your skin. 

Here were the interesting facts and the answers to the frequently asked questions regarding corn starch. 

We hope that these have been helpful. For any further queries, you can always drop comments in our comment box.

Also, the reminder is here- for any emergency help, please do consult a medical specialist. 

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