Dried Figs: Nutrition Facts, Health Benefits, Side Effects & All

Dried figs are basically the processed version of raw figs that are widely popular as an Arabian fruit.

Native to the Mediterranean and western Asia, this particular fruit is held with great regard by the Muslim community.

This fruit is an ancient one. And with the rapidly increasing popularity, all other communities in the global sphere are getting amused by this nutritious and mouth-watering fruit as well.

Let’s take a brief look at this amazing fruit.

The dried figs are amazing in both their fresh and dried forms. They have an astonishing calorie count, high nutrition values, and an amazing store process. That to be said, they contain carbs, fibers, vitamins, and minerals altogether. 

All these rich nutrients have resulted in dried figs having a lot of health benefits such as being diet-friendly and the usage as a home remedy.

Though, as a food element, nothing can be that flawless. Dried figs might cause trouble to specific people only. 

Here, we’ll provide you with all the information about dried figs; both their beneficial sides along with the probable side effects. 

Dried figs

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Calorie count of dried figs 

Dried figs are highly energetic fruits. Their balanced and high calories have earned dried figs this fame. Let’s take a look at their calorie count. 

Dried figs are richer in calories than fresh figs. A matter of contrast as we can see that every 100 grams of raw and fresh figs contain 74 kilocalories, whereas every 100 grams of dried figs can provide 249 kilocalories! The difference is this much excessive for real! 

Having a small number of dried figs thus can keep you energetic all day long by fulfilling the necessary amount of calories you need to go around. 

Nutrition values of dried figs 

Just as we’ve mentioned above, dried figs are rich in various nutrition values as well. We better take a look at them.

  • Every 100 grams of dried figs contain 53 grams of carbohydrates. The element is known as the fuel to the human body. We now know why the Bedouin people are so energetic! It must be the wonder of dried figs! 
  • No, the high amount of carbohydrates that dried figs contain is not something to bother about. That is because every 100 grams of this fruit contains 9.8 grams of dietary fiber. This means the carbs that they contain are good for your overall health. 
  • You might wonder whether dried figs contain protein as well or not. The answer is, yes. But the amount is not as excessive as the amount of carbs or fibers. Every 100 grams of this dried fruit have 3.3 grams of proteins. Not too high, but the amount is still not bad considering the fact that we’re talking about a fruit.
  • But, the amount of vitamins that they contain is quite praiseworthy. Vitamin C is a tough-to-get vitamin. Because, they’re supposedly found in raw fruits and vegetables only. But dried figs; even after being far apart from being raw, contain 1.2 milligrams of Vitamin C per 100 grams. No, the amount is not small as vitamin counts are usually done on the scale of micrograms. Another important vitamin that dried figs carry is Vitamin K. The crucial vitamin that helps to heal the wounds that people get by clotting the wound’s blood- is found in a high amount in dried figs. Every 100 grams of dried figs contain 15.6 grams of vitamin K. Beware people! Eating dried figs can help you heal faster you see! 
  • Not so high in amount but yet significant- there is vitamin B. A form of vitamin B9, commonly known as folate is also found in this plant based fruit. The amount of folate found in every 100 grams of dried figs is 9 micrograms. This element is responsible for blood health mostly.  
  • One of the most amazing facts about dried figs is they are surprisingly rich in Calcium. The very mineral that is responsible for the health of our bones and teeth. Every 100 grams of dried figs can provide you with 162 milligrams of calcium. Eating this fruit regularly can certainly make one even stronger. 
  • They contain some iron too. Every 100 grams of dried figs contain 1.2 milligrams of iron. The amount is not that low considering the fact that mineral counts are on a different scale. But that makes something clear, this Asian fruit can provide the consumer with good blood as well.
  • The fact that every 100 grams of this fruit are enriched in 680 milligrams of potassium makes it even more valuable. That’s because potassium is the element responsible for muscle strength. Just imagine a fruit that can strengthen your blood, bones, and muscle altogether!  There’s one- dried figs. 
  • Beta carotene– the beauty secret of human beings is present in dried figs as well. The amount in every 100 grams of the fruit is 6 micrograms. Quite a good amount to be honest. This means, consuming dried figs can even help you to have beautiful skin and hair along with a strong and healthy body!
  • Lutein is a kind of xanthophyll that helps the vision of a person. 32 micrograms of lutein can be gained from just 100 grams of dried figs. Such graciousness! 

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Health benefits of dried figs

All these nutrition facts in dried figs have only increased the beneficial sides of this Moracean fruit. It’s time for a sneak peeks at those benefits. 

Home remedy for constipation 

Dried figs can help the human digestive system in a good way. This is why people all over the world have been using them as the home remedy to treat indigestion problems as well as to treat constipation. 

This is getting quite helpful to the people suffering from constipation as well as to the people who have been suffering from acidity, indigestion, and gastric issues.

Perfect diet element 

As they are rich in fiber, dried figs are a great fit for diet control plans. 

The high amount of fibers has made them diabetes-friendly. They are good for the heart, partly because of the folate being present and largely because they have quality fibers with zero fat.  

Thus, they are getting more and more helpful to the athletes, the diabetic people, people with heart troubles, and every other person who has been on a strict diet program. 

Great for children 

The children at your home are the ones who have been going through the development phases. This is the perfect time to feed them the foods that will strengthen their bones, teeth, and muscles. As we have clarified earlier, dried figs can help in the development of all those body parts at an early age. Feeding dried figs to the children at your home will be a smart move for sure.

Secret to beauty

The presence of beta carotene in dried figs is solid proof that eating this fruit is helpful to both one’s skin and hair. This particular element strengthens and smoothens the hair. Keep the skin fresh and make them softer.

Without much debate, they literally can be your beauty secret. 

Probable side effects of dried figs 

Even though dried figs are nutritious and healthy, there still remain a few probable side effects. 

  • As they are helpful to the digestive system, overconsumption of this fruit can cause diarrhea. This will certainly not be something pleasant. 
  • Allergy depends on individuals. Even though dried figs are innocent looking teardrop-shaped processed fruit, they might still trigger allergic reactions to the people who are sensitive to dried figs. 


That was all. We hope that this discussion has been helpful for you. For any cases, please keep in mind that if you ever feel any kind of discomfort from consuming dried figs, contact a doctor in person. 

Other than the special physical or medical conditions, dried figs are truly amazing. 

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