Marble Rye Bread: Nutrition, Recipe, Is it Healthy? & more

Marble rye bread is one of the most popular bread that is baked by mixing two different rye flour doughs; one is light in color and another is dark.

There are various kinds of rye bread. But among them, the popularity of marble rye bread is increasing rapidly because of its incredible health benefits.

Also,  some people cannot even think of their breakfast without marble rye bread for its amazing taste.

Presumably, there are some common questions that are roaming around your head. What is marble rye bread? How can you make it at home?

Are there any health benefits of marble rye bread? We are here to introduce you to rye bread and will cover some frequently asked questions about marble rye bread in this article. 

What is marble rye bread?

Marble Rye Bread
Marble Rye Bread

Basically, marble rye bread is somewhat different from standard rye bread. Marbled rye bread contains two different colors of rye flour. One comes from a bit of light rye dough and another from a bit of dark rye dough. It bakes by rolling together into a uniform texture because both doughs have almost the same density.

Most of the time, people mix chocolate powder, molasses, or instant coffee with light rye dough to make dark rye dough. Normally, rye bread has strong deep flour. But when you make light rye flour in the dark, it increases its nutty and earthy taste. Therefore, you can find that the marble rye breed has a deep and strong flavor but it is still not sweet enough.

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Marbled rye bread nutrition & calories

One regular slice or 32 grams of marble rye bread contains 80 calories (kcal).

The nutrition fact of marble rye bread is as follows-

NutrientsAmount per 32 grams
Total carbs14 g
Net carbs13 g
Sugar1 g
Fiber1 g
Protein3 g
Fat1 g
Polyunsaturated fat0.5 g
Sodium180 mg
Calcium20 mg
Iron0.7 mg
Thiamin (Vitamin B1)0.1 mg
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)0.1mg
Niacin (Vitamin B3)0.8 mg
Folate16 mcg

Is marble rye bread healthy?

Yes, of course. Marble rye bread has several health benefits which are as follows-

Reduce Body Fat

Marble rye bread is high in fiber materials. Taking food full of fiber decreases our appetite. Some people have a habit of emotional eating. By having marble rye bread, you will feel a full stomach for an extended time. For this reason, calorie insertion goes down with a regular phase. Thus, it helps to reduce body fat.  For better results, you should buy a whole grain of rye bread that contains more vitamins and minerals. Choosing marble rye bread will help to remain the feelings of hunger calm and steady and prevent extra fat on your body.

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Decrease Inflammation

You already know about the fiber texture of marble rye bread. It is not only tasty to eat but also shrinks the ability to take sugar into the blood vessels. Quite impressive, isn’t it? Its anti-inflammatory property will help you to maintain a proper glucose balance. 

Maintaining Blood Sugar

Do you know that blood sugar level rises due to overeating and an unbalanced diet? Marble rye bread will help you control your eating habit without making you eat less. It is because it slowdowns the digestive process. Gradual digestion will help to balance sugar levels. Also, it consists of caffeic and ferulic acid. Specialists subjected both of these phenolic substances to reduce the release of insulin and sucrose. Another amazing property of marble rye bread is it will raise the level of satisfactory hormones like Ghrelin, Leptin, Cholecystokinin, etc.  

Controlling Cholesterol

The main characteristic of marble rye bread is that it is full of fibers. Fibers are magical for lowering high cholesterol levels. Studies say thousands of people get proof of a healthy cholesterol calculation after taking marble rye bread on a daily basis instead of white ones. 

Super Fiber Food

All the goods behind marble rye bread are its super high fiber characteristics. This feature makes this fiber-rich in nutrients and provides a lot of health benefits. They are soluble and mixed with potassium, zinc, iron, calcium, and vitamin B. Analysts found that sprouted rye contains more fibers than the usual ones. 

Fight against constipation

Marbled rye bread changes the condition of the colon by its fibery texture that makes the bowels easy to get down.  People who have suffered constipation for a long time reported that their conditions get better by adding marble rye bread to their diet. Sincerely, marble rye bread does not possess the critical properties of gastronomical effects of white bread and that made it more useful.

Reduce Diabetes Menace

Marble rye bread can stabilize blood sugar with its moderate insulin and glucose intake. Diabetes-affected people are supposed to maintain a proper diet that often makes them feel hungry all the time. But taking foods at irregular times, and on-time schedules can harm their insulin response. Marble rye bread offers a filler feeling in the stomach to solve this complication. This bread comprises niacin and riboflavin, two highly functional substances for diabetics. 

Although marble rye bread has some awesome benefits for diabetes patients, it is still bread that is rich in carbohydrates. So, be cautious not to have over two medium-sized marble rye bread at a time.

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Avert Heart Diseases

We believe that you of course read about all the exclusive properties of marble rye bread. It is the hub of fibers, and assists in having less inanition; blood sugar remains like a calmed baby without any hassle, so, all those features make the heart happy and enthusiastic. Additionally, marble rye bread is a fighter against obesity. Extra weight and fat are potential enemies of the heart and marble rye bread expel the possibility of excess weight that helps the heart to stay safe.

Prevents Carcinoma

Colon cancer is the name of death and apprehension in recent years. The number of colorectal cancer patients of different stages is identified at alarming rates. It is because of the dietary habits of people. Placing marbled rye bread on a plate daily will keep your intestine fine. If you face abnormal bowel syndrome, marble rye bread can ease your lines. So, eating this bread is like having preparation to obtain a clear colon and these precautions can prevent carcinoma to happen. Besides, whole-grain marble rye bread has lignans too that cause a lower risk of carcinoma diseases. 

There are many studies from different countries that show that having rye bread as a child can lower the fright of prostate cancer.

Regulate Menstrual Cycle

Marble rye bread can raise your estrogen levels if taken in whole grains. Also, it decreases inflammation and has a lower portion of bad fats. Blood circulation gets smooth because of its fibers properties. In a study, scientists found that marbled rye bread is better than regular white bread to maintain the period cycle on a date by regulating related hormones. Another important note is, that women who are going to have menopause or early stages of menopause can get benefit from rye bread as it has phytoestrogen. 

Empower Teeth and Bones

Teeth and bone get stronger with the presence of calcium and magnesium. Marble rye bread contains both of these elements with a good level of phosphorus and that’s how it helps to have fit teeth and bones. 

Strong Hair and Glowing Skin 

Marble rye bread has some essential minerals like zinc, calcium, iron, etc. this helps to hide the wrinkles and to gain a younger skin. It supplies the nutrients inside the dermis and enables it to glow from the inner side. 

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Marble rye bread recipe

Love to eat marbled rye bread but don’t know how to do it? Hurrah, here is the super easy marbled rye bread recipe. You may see this is a complex process, but trust us, we explain it step by step in a way to make you a successful marble rye bread maker. 

Marble rye bread is made from rye flour and marbled rye bread has two colored swirls on it. The darker portion is mixed with cocoa, but don’t be afraid, it doesn’t taste chocolaty. It is the perfect bread to have a sandwich or toast. 

Preparation of instruments:

You will need a nonstick baking pan, knife, some large and small pots, thermometer, oven, spoons, etc.

Baking Ingredients:

Baking IngredientsAmount 
Bread Flour (not general flour)5 cups
Rye Flour2 cups + 1 tablespoon 
Potato Flourhalf cups
Fat-free Milk Powder One third cups
Sugar2 and a half  Tablespoons
saltas per taste
Instant yeast 3 tablespoons
powdered onion 2.5 tablespoons
Vegetable oil/butter (room temperature)0.25 cup
cocoa powder 2 tablespoons
wateras per need
caraway seeds2 tablespoons
honey 1 tablespoon 

Step 1: Mix together

Making White Dough

Take a large bowl

Pour 4 cups of the baking flour 

Add oil honey and ¾ cups rye flour 

Add a pinch of salt and 1 tablespoon of yeast

Add some caraway seeds

Add 1.5 tablespoons of oil

Knead them together until you feel a soft dough under your hand. You can use an electronic mixture for the best results. It will take almost 4 minutes to beat the dough with the mixture machine. Raise the speed from low to high gradually. If you feel the dough is sticky then add baking flour, 1 tablespoon per time. If the dough gets hardened, then add 1 tablespoon of water per time until it is softened. 

Then take a flat pot or flat and clean place and spread some oil there. Make a circle and slowly turn it to be larger in a round shape. It will be almost an eight-inch in diameter. Actually, it is hard to explain how to turn the dough into a round-shaped bread. But you have to pull it, stretch it and set it technically. 

Finally, cover the flat dough in a warm place for almost 1-2 hours. Because of the presence of yeast, it will get doubled in size within this time.

Preparing Dark dough

Making the black dough is about repeating the same processes told above, just included with cocoa powder. Simply the process is to mix the leftover flours and all cocoa powder. Add water, salt, honey, and seeds to make a tasty dough.  Knead properly and cover as told before. After 1 or 2 hours, you will get your dark dough. It may seem cocoa powder provides a chocolate flavor there, but it is not true.  Cocoa powder only gives the dough a dark look, nothing else.

Step 2: Prepare the shape and make small portions and build the swirl

For having a marbled rye loaf, take this dough after the waiting time. You will find them fluffy because of yeast formation. Knead and press the dough until a soft dough is formed.    

Divide each of the dough into 4 pieces. We will make the dough in a square shape. For this, place the dough on a flat surface and turn it into a rectangular shape by your hand or you may use a ruler. 

You can split a small amount of flour on the surface so that kneading becomes easy and place the square-shaped doughs. Keep one white dough on the top of the dark one. Then roll them together. Make sure the rolling is tight and doesn’t have any empty space inside it.  Pour a little amount of oil on the dough and set it aside to blow up once again. 

Step 3: Bake and make the loaves

After 1 hour, the dough is filled with air again. Then, slowly tap the air outside and give it a nice shape. You can paint some egg yogurt on the bread for a nice color. After that, take a baking tray, and put the loaves carefully on the tray. You have to heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes before placing the tray inside it. Once the oven is ready, now keep the tray in it. After 20 minutes, change the sides of the tray and wait for another 25-30 minutes. 

Check the baked loaves when it is golden brown. Put a spoon or toothpick inside. If it comes clean, then your marble rye bread is made.

Be patient until it is cool, then serve it. 

Is marble rye bread good for diabetics?

The Glycemic index determines the severity of diabetics.  It is good news that researchers prove marble rye to have a lower glycemic index. The minerals help to reduce different critical conditions in the bloodstream of diabetes patients. Also, the presence of low carb and high fibers makes a huge difference in the digestion system and improves blood sugar control. 

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Side effects of marble rye bread

Though marble rye bread has so many good points, it may cause some problems too. It contains some glutens that may attack people with gluten allergies. A gluten-free diet does not have any place for marble rye bread.  Besides, gluten produces gas problems. Some scientists consider this bread is responsible for absorbing parasitic fungus and hallucinogenic effects.  Furthermore, marble rye bread has some phytic acid, an ant nutrient, which is the culprit in reducing the ability to absorb nutrients. 


Marble rye bread is the best alternative to white bread. It is ideal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle with more fibers and minerals. From people stuffing from obesity to people with digestion disadvantages, all can choose marble rye bread as an ideal food habit. So, it’s time to take a chance to taste this bread. Start now!

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